Rachele Donofrio

racheledonofrioRachele Donofrio began her formal training in 2006 when attending world-renowned Interlochen Arts Academy. Her studies led her to the University of Michigan where she achieved honors upon graduation with a BFA in Dance. Rachele moved briefly to Chicago where she participated in a handful of shows, one including Dance Chicago Festival. Donofrio has had the privilege to perform in works choreographed by Earl Mosley, Diego Salterini, Max Stone, and the Martha Graham Company. She has competed throughout the United States and Canada for several years receiving numerous awards for her stage presence and technical quality.

Donofrio recently relocated to Los Angeles where she has had the opportunity to perform with C. Eule Dance West, Project 21 Dance, LA Unbound, Benita Bike DanceArt, BrockusRed, Lucent Dossier and Suicide Girls: Blackheart Burlesque. She has appeared with a dancing role in a number of documentaries such as the Red Sands Project: Hidden Tears Unseen Dances and El Lay.