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“Eule’s work is innovative. It often exercises a nice dose of humor that complements the beautiful forms her choreography exhibits with the dancers’ bodies. Throughout the evening a wide range of work is shown, beginning with a whimsical dancing box and ending with a heart-wrenchingly passionate tryst built around an acoustic piano… Clean Springing in itself is definitely a celebration. The two pieces that enjoy their premiere stand out as two of the strongest pieces shown throughout the night’s repertoire. It proves that work does grow stronger with age.”
Review of “Clean Springing X” by
Rebecca Bernard, Show Business Weekly
“Not only did they dance beautifully, but Alexa Weir
and Cornelius Brown acted with aplomb.”
Review of Fire Island Dance Festival 11
Dan Evans, Fire Island Tide
“The choreography by Caron Eule is both thoughtful and unpredictable.
It ranges from buoyant leaps onto the stage to fierce and ominous interplay
between androgynous dancers to en pointe ballet. Eule maintains space and
fluidity, despite the formidable cast of 24.”
Review of “Voices of the Wind/ The Story of the Ninja”
Jo Ann Rosen,
“Caron Eule’s choreography was a prominent voice in this
production. It is rare that a director gives the choreographer
so much freedom… Eule’s work was delightful.”
Review of “Blood Wedding”
Jade Esteban Estrada,
“And an especially sultry, contented atmosphere emerged
from Caron Eule’s choreography for a trio from New York
who artfully blended yoga, ballet and modern dance.”
Review of Dance Under The Stars Choreography Festival
Jeff Britton, The Desert Sun
“…an exotic ménage a trois… The movement is a skillful blend of modern and classical western dance forms, and a kind of Balinese vocabulary. Tension binds
the threesome, tension of body and spirit, influence and relationship.”
Review of Dance Under The Stars Choreography Festival
Joanna Beresford, freelance writer based in Southern California
“Caron’s tongue-in-cheek dances backed up by all out
dancing; colorful and humorous set design and surprise
appearances of musicians made for an unpredictable finale.”
Karen Bernard, Director, New Dance Alliance, Inc.
“Caron’s choreography demonstrates imagination and skill. Her choice of music is quite sophisticated and the fact that she gets excellent dancers to perform her works is a testament to her standing in the dance community in New York City.”
Shela Xoregos, Artistic Director, Xoregos Performing Company
“I don’t know much about modern dance, but seeing
C. Eule Dance makes me want to see more.”
Eric Milano, Musician
“Your dancer was doing with ballet what ballet needs to be doing today.”
Joel Shapiro, Founder, Artistic Director, Electric Lodge

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