Maiko Chii

Maiko Chii has recently designed the Scenery for The Mistakes Madeline Made (Yale Repertory Theatre), Hamlet (Yale University Theatre), The Boss in the Satin Kimono (Yale Cabaret), and Costumes for Titus Andronicus, The Lacy Project (1156 New Theatre). Her New York Design credits include, The Fist (Theatre of the New City and Frederick Loewe Theatre); Luna (The producers Club); Zooman and the Sign (Frederick Loewe Theatre); and Top Girls (Instant theatre). Maiko was awarded the 2007 Donald and Zorca Orenslager Fellowship Award in Design from Yale School of drama, and the 2003 Charles Elson Award in design from Hunter College. Education: BA, Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) and Hunter college; MFA, Yale School of Drama.