Passage to Marrakech

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Passage to Marrakech (2010)

28 minutes/10 dancers

Music: Pharaoh’s Daughter

Costumes: Jamshed Irani

Lighting: Tony Marques

Photography: Julie Lemberger, Sergei Krasikov, Richard Termine, Marilyn Armel, Elaine Knapp

Dancers photographed: Phil Chan, Alison Cook Beatty, Hasi, Faith Kimberling, Scott Lewis, Jordan Marinov, Orlando Martinez, Steven Melendez, Chie Mukai, Edgar L. Peterson, Gisela Quinteros, Matthew Wagner, David M. Zlotchew

A suite of six dances created to and based on the themes and stories of Pharaoh’s Daughter’s music that blends traditionally-inspired Jewish music with Arabic and African rhythms.