Gentleman from Cracow

Gentleman from Cracow (2011)

17 minutes/13 dancers

Music: Yevgeniy Sharlat

Costumes: Abbi Stern

Animation: Yuliya Lanina

Lighting: Tony Marques

Photography: Fred Hatt & Darial Sneed

Dancers photographed: Aaron Atkins, Caron Eule, Yuu Fujita, Erin Jennings, Faith Kimberling, Scott Lewis, Anna Schon, Justin Wingenroth, David M. Zlotchew

Inspired by Isaac Bachevis Singer’s story of the same name, “Cracow” tells a tale of a poor Polish town turned upside down by the arrival of a rich Doctor who turns out to be the Chief of Devils while the animated set design is projected onto the back scrim.


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