APARTment 2020

APARTment 2020
This video was created in a vacant apartment to show the feelings of people being quarantined during the COVID 19 pandemic as well as expressing other emotions related to the events of 2020.

Created by C. Eule Dance
Choreographed by Caron Eule and dancers
Original Music by Michelle Sudduth
Dancers: Caron Eule, Robbie Lundegard, Jordan Morris, Rein Short, Eliza S. Tollett, Lena Zlotchew
Special Thanks to: Sarah Emanuel, Byron Lamarque, Valerie Eule, Eve Zlotchew, Lena Zlotchew, and David Zlotchew

Additional Music by: Ella Fitzgerald, Yves Montand, and Teresa Brewer

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